[Blindmath] Accessing PDF

Dzhovani dzhovani.chemishanov at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 09:58:39 UTC 2015

Hi all,
  I need some ideas how to read a pdf textbook in mathematics. This
semester I'm taking mathematical statistics course. When the university
administration contacted the publisher of the course textbook for an
accessible copy, they provided us with a .pdf version of the book.
  Personally, I don't find pdf-s very accessible, so I'm looking for
ways to change the situation and will be grateful for any help. Is it
possible to convert the book in html with embeded LaTeX equations, or I
shall ask for the textbook in another format, or there is some other way?
First, I have some experience with LaTeX, though I am still a beginner.
Second, the university is in Bulgaria, and subsequently does not have
disability office. It results in staff that is very willing to help but
often unknowing how to do that.
Third, braille display is an option that I would prefer to consider only
if I don't have any other.

В писмото няма вируси или малуер, защото avast! Антивирус защитата е активна.

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