[Blindmath] Reading LaTeX source

Tim Arnold jtim.arnold at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 22:09:03 UTC 2015

Hi Ken,
I think making a command-line application to convert most LaTeX documents
to HTML+MathML(w/MathJax) and that runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac is the
long-term goal.
There are a lot of parts to the system, so it will take some packaging
expertise and a custom installer (I'm thinking of using conda).

I didn't think of a REST interface, but that certainly could be done.
However, the user would have to send a POST to the server that contains the
LaTeX content. I didn't think there would be much use for that except among
programmers. Is that what you meant? I guess that POST could be in JSON
format and could specify the desired type of output. I'm interested to
learn more about how this could be useful.

I see a few people did try it out after Jonathan's announcement; most
succeeded, but a couple failed.
What I'm trying to do now is to make the converter generally useful so we
don't see very many failures.

thanks for checking it out.

On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 6:40 AM, Ken Perry via Blindmath <
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> Are you guys thinking of making a library that people can package with a
> device so they don't have to be on line.  It could still use html or js or
> anything just so it's off line.  Failing that are you thinking of having a
> rest client for people who need this in their applications and don't mind
> being on line.
> Ken
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> Hello all,
> Bill's message about reading LaTeX or versions of it come up fairly
> regularly on this list.
> Last year, I asked who would be interested in helping me do something about
> the problem and I received a couple of offers of assistance. I wanted to
> convert LaTeX source into much more readable HTML. I wanted a solution that
> was useful by anyone, not just the geeks out there. Tim Arnold came up with
> a solution that was more expansive than I had imagined. He wanted a web
> interface available to all whereas my focus was on the needs of blind
> individuals. Being a webpage, the solution is not restricted to anyone so
> is
> available to Disability Support Service staff and sighted academics as
> well.
> Ultimately, I encouraged Tim to go with his proposal and have helped test
> his developments over the last six months or so. My usefulness as his sole
> tester has run its course and we now need more users to try out the
> conversion tool that he has created.
> Bill and others should Go to
> http://convertlatex.com/
> where you can upload a tex file and have it converted to HTML with
> equations
> in three different formats: plain MathML, using MathJax, and graphics with
> alt tags that are the mathematical expressions written out in the original
> LaTeX.
> I'm very happy receiving the feedback to your experimentation (off-list is
> probably preferred) and you can also contact Tim from the web page itself.
> We do know of some limitations. Processing bibtex references for example
> and
> handling graphics. A shopping list of our needs is already in existence and
> the want list is there too. I wanted to know exactly what was written out
> as
> the mathematical expressions while others will want to use MathPlayer, but
> is there another representation that people would like?
> Please, if you do nothing else, look at the page and give thanks to someone
> that has used his time and energy to help our community.
> Thank you Tim for your efforts,
> Jonathan
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