[Blindmath] Flip-Over Concept Books: FRACTIONS - Seeking Field Evaluators

Li Zhou lzhou.backup at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 17:21:01 UTC 2015

Dear teachers of students with visual impairments:

    APH is seeking field evaluators for Flip-Over Concept Books:
FRACTIONS, an interactive print and tactile booklet for students with
blindness or low vision who are beginning to learn about fractions,
decimals, and percents. During the elementary years, grades 2 - 5
specifically, students are building their understanding of fractions
and the concept of equivalence as it relates to fractions, decimals,
and percents. The goal of this FRACTIONS booklet is for students to
learn about fractions by finding adjacent panels, included with the
booklet, appropriate for the lesson being taught, panels representing
concepts such as fractions, percents, equivalence, comparison, and
relationships. Once the desired panels have been selected and placed
within the booklet, the student will flip through the panels, find the
desired fractional, decimal, or percentage representations and then
display them on the front of the booklet next to each other; panels
with comparative symbols (less than, greater than, and equal to) are
also included to facilitate additional activities.

    Field evaluators will be asked to use the FRACTIONS booklet with
multiple 2nd - 5th grade math students with blindness or low vision.
Evaluators will then complete and return a product evaluation form at
the end of the testing period. Field test sites will be selected based
upon geographic location, number of available students, and type of
instructional setting. Number of prototypes is limited and preference
will be given to those who have not recently field tested an APH
product. The field test will begin in September and be completed by
the end of November 2015.

    If you are interested in possibly serving as a field evaluator,
please provide the following information:

a. your name, title, school/agency, and type of setting (e.g.,
residential, itinerant);

b. number of available students with ages, grade levels, and primary
reading media indicated (please note that 2nd – 5th grade students who
are studying fractions, decimals, or percents in math classes are

c. your preferred medium for reading evaluation materials and
completing the evaluation form (regular print/large
print/braille/electronic); and

d. your complete contact information (phone number, mailing address,
and e-mail address).

    Please send this information to Li Zhou, Core Curriculum Project
Leader, at lzhou at aph.org by August 31, 2015. You may also contact Li
at 800-223-1839, ext. 424.

    Thank you!

Li Zhou
lzhou at aph.org

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