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Thu Apr 14 22:44:05 UTC 2016

Hey guys,
I said I was going to share this info with y'all about working with excel graphs using a screen reader  once I had a chance. I am late, but here it is.  This is info from Kevin, and this is using JAWS:
If you have already created the chart in a spreadsheet, then try pressing insert+alt+c and it should say something like "active chart selected". Then press insert+control+c and it should bring up a window with a description of the chart that you should be able to navigate with the arrow keys
You should then be able to go to the ribbon and see options for chart tools, format, etc.
I was able to change the title this way and add a trend line, 
To give the chart a title, label the axes, add a trend line, and put the equation and R squared value on the graph
 jaws doesn't read what you type when you label the title and axes. However, this should work: when you are in the chart window, go to the ribbon and go to the format tab, which should be just to the right of "design".
Then use the down arrow key to go to the different chart elements. If you hit enter on the "title" element and type the title (jaws does not speak what I type) and hit enter and then hit control+insert+c again to go back to window, the title should have changed
When you have multiple charts in the same spreadsheet, you can toggle between them by pressing alt+insert+c and then hitting tab before hitting control+insert+c. Again, jaws does not speak the name of the chart until hitting control+insert+c, which is annoying, but it works

That's what I have learned. Hopefully this is useful to someone.

Anna E Givens

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