[Blindmath] Colorado Association of Blind Students NFL Survivor Pool

Ken Perry kperry at blinksoft.com
Wed Aug 10 11:06:04 UTC 2016

I am interested in playing and can use a credit card how or pay pal.  How would I play?

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Subject: [Blindmath] Colorado Association of Blind Students NFL Survivor Pool

Greetings, The Colorado Association of Blind Students once again is hosting an NFL survivor pool.
In brief, the way this works is each week you pick one team to win their game per week. If they win you move on and if they lose you get a strike. Two strikes and you're out.  
There is a one time entrance fee of $20. Fifty percent of the proceeds will go to the Colorado Association of Blind Students, 40% of the proceeds will go to the winner and the remaining 10% will go to the individual who finishes in second place.
The attached document contains a more in-depth description of the pool as well as all of the rules. Please read this in its entirety so there aren’t any surprises.
If you wish to participate please email Cody Bair at codyjbair at yahoo.com and let him know (1) that you would like to participate and (2) which method you plan to use to make your payment.
Entries will be accepted until Wednesday September 7.
If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Cody.

Anna E Givens,
Colorado Association of Blind Students

annajee82 at gmail.com

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