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A new nemeth online learning system can be found at:


Also APH has accessible versions of the TI-84 and the TI-30 XS if any of your classes use those calculators you might want to get one because it makes following class much easier.  The Orion TI-84 can be hooked to a braille display and will output in nemeth or UEB.  I use it without braille though but you have the option.

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Hello All,

I am currently a student at LCB and am headed back to college in the fall. I am pursuing a degree in information sciences. I have some questions in regards to math below and I was hoping to find some answers. Thank you all so much for your input.

I am currently using a big nemeth text book, called “Learning the Nemeth Braille code for teachers and students” by Ruth Creg, transcribed in 1991, adopted by Bana in 1987. Are there more condensed materials or better tools for learning nemeth?

What strategies would you recommend to a new nemeth reader for reading math?

I used to look at math visually. I am here for training now at LCB. I am learning nonvisual techniques and I am reading braille with an electronic display.
Since I used to look at an entire problem all at once, now how can I look at a problem in its entirety using nonvisual techniques?

In regards to math text books, I can read text better using audio but then equations are thrown in with the text. What is the best way to handle a math text book? I have had a book with the theory all in one file and then links to separate files with the equations. Is this the best way or are there better techniques?

how might latex and math ML be used in reading math?

what programs should I use and with which screen readers? I have JAWS, NVDA, iOS, a focus forty braille display, are there better tools?

When math problems are read during lectures, what accommodations do I need to request? How do I access handwritten notes from the TA or note taker?

Again, thank you so much for your help.


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