[BlindMath] Math Accessibility Question

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Thu Apr 27 05:21:10 UTC 2017



I am new to the list.


I am the President of the NFB of Montana, and I was contacted last week by
the Disabled Student Services manager at one of our universities regarding a
blind student.  He is supposed to take the MPlex math test in order to
determine which math class to enroll in.  The school ordered a program called
Math Jax which is supposed to be compatible with JAWS, but the student says
he can't get it to work for him.  The person who called me doesn't know if
the student needs a Braille display to do the equations on or what.  I don't
know if this is a technology compatibility question or a student education on
how to use the software question.  I had a friend look up Math Jax on the web
and they have a demo page, but JAWS wouldn't read the equation.  We didn't
know if that was because the demo isn't set up with the accessibility
features enabled, or what the reason was.     


The student needs a way to decipher the equations, to do them, and to show
his work so that they know whether or not he does them correctly.  I had a
computer programmer friend of mine look up Math Jax, and it has a Java
component which seems to interfere with the interaction between it and JAWS.
I would like to help this student.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks.
Does anyone know of another program that might work better with MPlex, or
what program he might use successfully at the university?  


Joy Breslauer, President

National Federation of the Blind of Montana 


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