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As a coder.  I have to disagree with the statement that Java and windows
were not compatible.   I would be interested in talking to the coder of
Nemetex if he is hanging around.

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Hi again,
My understanding with Nemetex was that Java and Windows were becoming
increasingly incompatible, and they regretfully had to stop selling it. It's
unfortunate, as translating Nemeth to text isn't readily available for
advanced math.

Anyway, to Nicholas's question. You have NVDA, which I assume you're using
with Math Player. You may wish to get Math Type as well, as it can be

Unfortunately, there isn't a Braille-in way to translate Nemeth to print, as
there is for literary Braille using either JAWS or NVDA. There are a few

There is a way to translate Nemeth to print math using Duxbury; let me know
if you have this software. It works well, but not yet for advanced math
beyond the high school level, and there are a few tricks to it.

Learning LaTeX is a good idea - it's a typesetting language that's
text-based and will allow you to create nicely-formatted documents. I
wouldn't recommend it for your own notes though, as it can be a bit clunky
and verbose for everyday reading, but for assignments and for anything a
sighted person would have to read, it's essential.

As Susan suggested, you can type it into Notepad for your own notes, so long
as you make sure you're not typing with contracted input on. This would look
like gibberish to a sighted reader, but would allow you to have readable
Braille math for your own reference.

I appreciate this is not entirely what you're looking for, but at least it
will give you a start.
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I forgot to mention that I also use NVDA as a screen reader with most math.
I use Jaws with xhtml files I can open in a browser. I usually like to type
the most on the braille display I use.

Thank you,

> On Oct 29, 2017, at 6:37 PM, Derek Scott Riemer
<Derek.Riemer at colorado.edu> wrote:
> There is nemetex,  but I can't find the website anymore. Wonder if the
author just decided not to continue work on it and took it down?
>> On Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 12:47 PM, Nicholas J via BlindMath
<blindmath at nfbnet.org> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Thank you for the email Sarah. I use both Jaws and braille. I am
relatively new to braille, but I have a Focus 14 braille display that I use
often. I am looking to type and read math, if possible on both a windows
computer and IOS device. I would like to type notes and also do homework
having a lot of math content.
>> Thank you,
>> Nicholas
>> > On Oct 29, 2017, at 2:21 PM, Sarah Jevnikar 
>> > <sarah.jevnikar at gmail.com>
>> >
>> > Hi there,
>> > Just for clarification, are you looking to use print math and 
>> > create math in Nemeth code, or are you a Nemeth code user looking 
>> > for a way to use it on a mainstream PC? Do you use a screen reader 
>> > or Braille display?  Or are your goals something else entirely? :) 
>> > This will help I/we give you more helpful answers.
>> > Thank you,
>> > Sarah
>> >
>> >
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>> > Hello,
>> >
>> > Is it possible to type nemeth code on a windows machine like in 
>> > Microsoft Word? If not, where is it possible to type nemeth code?
>> >
>> > Thank you,
>> > Nicholas
>> >
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