[BlindMath] Accessible LaTeX Editor with Biber

White, Jason J jjwhite at ets.org
Thu Apr 19 16:58:46 UTC 2018

I can't answer your second question. However, you can always run biber and LaTeX from the command line.

I generally use Emacs for writing LaTeX. When I last tried it, TeXWorks (supplied as part of the MIKTeX distribution for Microsoft Windows) seemed to be accessible with a screen reader. You didn't mention having access to a Mac, so I suppose TeXShop for Mac OS wouldn't help you - again, it has been recommended as an accessible editor, and it worked with the VoiceOver screen reader when I last tested it on my Mac.

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> Hi folks,
> I hope my issue is not out of topic here. I would like your help in two areas. I use
> NVDA as my screen-reader, and for working with LaTeX, I use Texniccenter and
> Winedt. I like TeXNiccenter as its text control window is accessible with NVDA
> than Winedt. I purchased Winedt as It was maintained after 2013.
> My problem is with Biber and biblatex. While I can produce documents with
> Texniccenter, I do not know how I can configure it to work with biber instead of
> BibTex. I would like to use Biber for it can handle many bibliography databases
> more than BibTex and biber works well with the biblatex package.
> With Winedt, NVDA cannot say the text under selection, such that I end up
> having hard time trying to edit my documents. So I often write my documents in
> TeXNiccenter and run them in Winedt.
> So my question is: 1. Which accessible LaTeX editor do your recommend which
> works well with biber? and
> 2. How can I configure TeXNiccenter to use Biber instead of Bibltex?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Ishe
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