[BlindMath] Preparing an Online Calculus Class

Noble,Stephen L. steve.noble at louisville.edu
Mon Apr 23 20:30:35 UTC 2018

If the equations were entered with Word's native math editor, then you'll need to run the "Convert Equations" command in the MathType ribbon. After that, the expressions should be accessible using NVDA if you have both MathType and MathPlayer installed on your PC. Once you navigate to an expression, then you will use NVDA+Alt+m to focus on the expression, and then use the down/up arrow keys to zoom in/out of an expression, and the left/right arrow keys to walk though the expression bit by bit. To get out of the expression focus, use the escape key. Then continue reading until you arrive at another expression you want to explore and do the same routine.

So far, only NVDA provides direct access to expressions in Word for blind users. The Central Access Reader also works directly in Word, but isn't suitable for a blind student as it doesn't work with a screen reader. Plus, it doesn't provide the same ability to zoom into an expression. Freedom Scientific was working on integrating support into JAWS, but they aren't there yet.

Hope that helps!

--Steve Noble
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Hello Everyone,
I've got a teacher trying to prepare their online Calculus class for Visually Impaired or blind students.
I reviewed one of her many assignments for accessibility but had no luck. Here is what I tried with both Word Math Editor and Math Type.

*         Windows Narrator

*         Microsoft Speak

*         Zoomtext

*         JAWS

*         Read and Write (just as an experiment)
None of the readers read the equations from the Words Math Editor correctly. JAWS and Narrator read the alternative text I entered with images produced by Math Type when starting a new line, but they would not read when I selected the specific images. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get the software to read appropriately?
The students would be facing a complex combination of numbers letters and symbols that need to read: "F prime of ex equals one third ex to the negative two thirds equals one over three times the third root of ex squared."

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