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That "prick" does not get to dictate this....!!!
It seems like the professor and the school needs some instruction into why
"Civil Rights" laws trump tenure or school rules... 

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Hi All,
I am a current freshman in college, and I have run into a significant
problem. Next week, I am scheduled to take my final exam in math class. I
planned on taking this exam in braille. Unfortunately, I was recently
informed that the coordinator of the course refuses to release the exam for
transcription, as he is uncomfortable with the exam being off campus for a
week (the time it takes to transcribe the exam into braille). His argument
for this is that the course consists of over 800 students, and he fears a
leak of the exam.
At this point, I'm not exactly sure what to do. they have offered to
transcribe it into latex for me, but I don't entirely feel comfortable with
that quite yet. That's why I've always asked for it in braille. The other
alternative they've suggested is that they provide me with a reader,
although it is uncertain if they could provide me with a content literate
one. Regardless, I don't do my best with a reader, and this is also why I
have always requested braille.
Do any of you have any advice on what I should do?
Thank You all,
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