[BlindMath] Math challenges.

Kendra Schaber redwing731 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 07:08:24 UTC 2018

Hi all! 
 I finally discovered my burn out problems and shacky history regarding math. Yesterday, as in the day after Christmas, the results of my last psychology test came into my Email inbox. I got diagnosed with a spasific math learning disability. In fact, that was the wording on the diagnosis. The good news is that my newley discovered disability isn’t so bad that I have to change my degree. However, I do have to work with a math tutor and rely more on technology than probably most blind people do in math classes. I also have to use a graphing calculator which was something I was planning on using anyway. I need a few things in my latest hunts on my education quest. I’m looking for a mentor who is good at higher level math, who knows Nemeth code and who knows how to opperate the TI84 graphing calculator that has the talking feature included. Is there anyone with those skills on this list? Also, because I have to tie in my math learning disability to my blindness, does anyone know of any good screen reader accessible apps that would benifit people who are both blind and math learning disabled? I also have to hunt down a math tutor, does anyone have any ideas on where I need to search for one? I know this one might be a challenge for you all but it’s my latest challenge that I have to work with too. 

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