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Zach zm290 at msstate.edu
Fri Jul 20 00:34:38 UTC 2018



My knowledge of statistics for a masters student is laughable. My current
thesis project, which happens to be in a subject area I hope to develop a
career around, looks at the effect of various management practices and their
relationship to mean farm milk quality parameters on Southeast dairy farms.
More specifically, I'm looking at the interaction these management practices
have on milk quality in the presence of hyperthermia conditions. 


Multiple models for predicting hyperthermia from various  Meteorological
parameters for various species of livestock at various stages of life have
been developed using retrospective production records. Models specific to
lactating dairy cows have been relatively well documented compared to other
ruminant species. However, many of the models differ slightly on the
inclusion and enthesis placed on parameters such as relative humidity, solar
radiation, wind speed, black globe vs. wet bulb temperature, etc. What's
more, several investigators use broken-line, linear, and nonlinear models to
evaluate thermal neutrality. 


I am not experienced enough, and under enough pressure by my committee so I
cannot perform a systematic review or meta-analysis, although I'd like to
someday, to find the best model for my project. However, I was thinking of
using a broken-line regression model, similar to the one employed by Hammami
et al., (2013), to establish threshold values for hyperthermia using somatic
cell count as my predictor variable. Would any one be able to suggest
slightly more advanced tutorials accessible with JAWS V.17.0 I could access
to try to help me? I have my committee members to guide me, but in order to
really understand my statistical methods I need to read it to understand it.
I've attached a MS Word file (derived using OpenBook) as well as a MS Excel
file with tables (from HTML version) from Hammami et al., (2013) if it


Any suggestions, comments, questions or concerns are all welcome. I know
I've most likely put my foot in my mouth and misused some terminology and
left out details that would help the gurus on this list to help me; and I
humbly beg your forgiveness. If the files did not attach, please contact me
off-list and I'll provide them. 



Kind regards,




Zachary Mason

M.S. Student

Animal and Dairy Sciences

Mississippi State University


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