[BlindMath] Fw: Any Accountancy and Finance Career Options for a Blind Person?

Saaqib Mahmuud saaqib1978 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Mar 3 15:19:14 UTC 2018

Hello BlindMath mates?
How are you?
Could you please take time reading through the following few lines and then come up with your advice?

I have a friend who has become almost totally blind now. Prior to his vision loss, he did a bachelor's level degree in commerce. 
With his blindness, what options does my friend have if he decide to pursue a career in accounting and finance? 
Is either of JAWS and NVDA good enough for accessing books and study materials on accounting? 
What about accessibility offered by either of these two screen readers of the more commonly used accountancy and financial software? 
We would be grateful for advice and support of those blind and visually impaired people who have specialised in such fields. 
Sincerely, Saaqib

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