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I assume you meant tables, not charts in your request.

It's such a pity that the student is expected to find these for themselves, for so many reasons, not all of which are linked to your specific student.

Modern statistics courses are trying to get away from producing dead tree versions of tables. Statisticians don't use them so why should their students? Can the student use a software solution instead of the printed tables?

Putting that aside, the tables should be made in a spreadsheet alongside the staff teaching the course, to make sure the formatting is done to match the printed copy being distributed to the rest of the class. I would even go so far as to suggest the staff make these files, with the student knowing how they are made etc. 

Converting them to brf seems a little strange to me as well. Is this for the purposes of embossing? Or so the student can read them on the student's preferred braille hardware? In either case, the specifics of the hardware being used can have an impact so asking for the brf may well prove risky or even counter-productive.

Anyway, I do recommend making the files from scratch with the statistics staff being critically involved.


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Does anyone have these charts in .brf files for a statistics class? Thank you!

  *   Standard Normal Distribution

  *   t-Distribution

  *   Chi-Square Distribution

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