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One other thing.  I think you can do this with voiceover on the mac.  I know
you can do it with Orca on linux and NVDA on windows.  I think Jaws might
even have a way to do this.  If you don't have a braille display you can
show the braille on your screen if your sighted.  That way TVI's who are
sighted and developers that do not have displays to develop for can see what
their software is doing.  Here is a page on how to get this working with


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I am a TVI and braille transcriber trying to understand math and technology
better. Unfortunately, I don't have a braille display to play around with at
the moment. I also have to disclose that I have a strong bias towards hard
copy braille for math. I produce Nemeth in the UEB context using Duxbury
either with 6-key input or in Word with MathType then Duxbury depending on
the level and complexity of the math.

If someone is accessing a document or website with a braille display, what
exactly does the display show in terms of math? Is it Nemeth? computer
braille? UEB technical? And how does the document/website need to be done in
order for the math portion to be shown properly? the braille display is
simply showing what a screenreader would be saying, yes?

If this is too broad of a topic to address here, feel free to contact me off
list or point me to resources that you feel could explain things to me.

thanks in advance for your help,
Shelley Mack
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