[BlindMath] Agile Mind and Blind Student

Joeleen Smith joeleen.smith at qacps.org
Mon Jul 15 17:34:36 UTC 2019

I have a student entering 6th grade in our system that is blind. Our school
system uses Agile Mind to deliver 6th-grade math curriculum. Agile Mind
includes many dynamic representations of mathematics equations and
processes which are not compatible with JAWS. When these representations
are shown on the screen, JAWS is not able to read them and the student is
not able to decipher what is on the screen. Additionally, the program has
not been coded in such a way that JAWS knows when to stop reading content
and pause so equations are not read correctly. For example, when given
multiple problems on the screen at once JAWS does not know to pause to let
the student know it is the end of the first equation before reading the
next one. So, 4+2=; 3+6=; 5+6= would be read as 4+2=3+6=5+6=.

Has anyone else encountered accessibility issues like these? Have you found
any solutions? Has anyone encountered similar issues maybe with other
programs and what was the solution that the school system offered?

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