[BlindMath] Agile Mind and Blind Student

alan rayner amrayner1 at samobile.net
Mon Jul 15 19:44:32 UTC 2019


I have not used JAWS for many years, but there is a way of tagging 
graphics and non textual objects, if jaws is at least connecting with 
the agile mind program.  There was also facilities for getting scripts 
for jaws for other than its usual functions.  With regards reading the 
equations, you could set the punctuation levels in jaws to read all 
punctuation hence it would read the semi-colan giving the indication 
that you have got the end of the equation.  I easily went through the 
sample you gave character by character using the system access screen 
reader to find the semi colon delimeter, and most screen readers can do 
this.  I am sure there are many jaws users on the list that may be able 
to help further.

hope this helps

Alan Michael Rayner

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