[BlindMath] Accessibility of MS Word-Based Math ML of Bookshare Material

Bhavya shah bhavya.shah125 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 04:05:32 UTC 2019

Dear all,

I have not tried that route. I will try downnloading the Epub format
and use the Readium Chrome extension to view it, although I am not too
sure if Math Player works with the same effectiveness or level of
functionality in case of Epub files or in the Chrome browser.

I do have both Math Player and Math Type installed. I don't think that
is an issue.


On 3/9/19, Louis Maher via BlindMath <blindmath at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> If you look at chapter 7 of the users guide in the help menu, in order to
> get Math out of Microsoft word, you will need MathType as well as math
> player.  I am using NVDA 2018.4.1, but it probably also works in 2018.3.
> Regards
> Louis Maher
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> Material
> What happens if you download it in EPUB format, then use the Readium Chrome
> extension to read it?
> I can't help you in relation to Microsoft Word format.
> On 3/9/19, 10:47, "BlindMath on behalf of Bhavya shah via BlindMath"
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>     Dear all,
>     I was recently comparing the readibility of mathematical and
>     scientific content of a Bookshare-published Chemistry textbook in
>     different formats. When viewing the book via the Bookshare web reader,
>     all calculations and equations were rendered in Math ML, recognized by
>     Math Player 4,  and picked up and verbalized by NVDA 2018.3, all on
>     Mozilla Firefox. However, when I downloaded the same book from
>     Bookshare in the Word format, and opened the Word file for that
>     textbook on my computer using MS Word 2016, and failed to properly
>     read those very same reactions and equations, which were being
>     displayed instead as plain text in bits and pieces, somewhat
>     resemblingg what NVDA should have actually read that Math ML as.
>     There are two potential explanations that come to my mind for the
>     cause of this discrepancy:
>     * Bookshare has issues in its conversion and packaging of mathematical
>     and scientiffic content-containing textbooks into Word files (and not
>     whilst rendering it using the Bookshare web reader)
>     * Math Player is giving me trouble since contrary to the Math Player
>     User Manual, I do not see any Math Player tab in the Word ribbon/menu
>     which raises suspicion (less likely because I am able to read Math ML
>     content elsewhere, such as on the web and in one other Word document,
>     probably thanks to the functionality of Math Player)
>     I would appreciate any comments or insights you may have on the cause
>     and subsequently the remedy for the above described problems that I am
>     facing, particularly on your own personal experiences about the
>     accessibility of mathematical and scientific material downloaded from
>     Bookshare in the Word format.
>     Thanks.
>     --
>     Best Regards
>     Bhavya Shah
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Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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