[BlindMath] How to access DJVU books on mathematics using JAWS or NVDA?

Saaqib Mahmuud saaqib1978 at yahoo.co.in
Fri Apr 10 18:03:06 UTC 2020

Hi BlindMath mates?
I have a couple of questions.
1. How accessible are the DJVU books on mathematics using JAWS or NVDA? There are lots of books on mathematics available in either PDF or DJVU, and a blind person pursuing mathematical sciences would like those materials to be accessible using the commonly used screen reading programs.

2. There are lots of mathematics books available on Bookshare.org in Daisy and BRF formats. Can somebody please explain how to open the BRF files using the Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) without disturbing the formatting? And, how best to access the Daisy files using JAWS or NVDA?

Saaqib Mahmood

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