[BlindMath] Slightly off topic Microsoft teams.

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Are you able to call the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk at 800-936-5900?  They might be able to connect to your computer and help you out.

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Steve Jacobson.

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Hello all,

I teach a class of undergrads. My employer wants me to use Microsoft teams
to the conduct the online class.
I have downloaded the MS teams app and I have become a member of the class
group. The problem is that I cannot make a group call. My sighted students
are telling me that the call button should be at the bottom of the screen.
However swiping allover the screen takes me to a button make a call. When I
double tap this button I am asked to search who do I want to call. I type
the the name of the class group but I get an error message that no result
is found. Even though I am sure that I am typing the group name correctly.
Any suggestions of what can I do to overcome this?
Regards, Faiz.
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