[BlindMath] Braille Note -- UEB + Nemeth

Katrina Ostby kostby at slocoe.org
Tue Mar 31 18:11:01 UTC 2020

I'm a new school transcriber (5 weeks on the job), long time textbook
transcriber. And like many of you I'm struggling with providing braille to
my students.  I could easily produce math BRF files and e-mail them to
students. But I've been told that brf files cannot be edited in a Braille
>From reading today's digest, it sounds like students can access a BRF file
from a braille note. Is that correct?
Now, if the student needs to complete a math quiz, there will be answer
blanks in the BRF file. Can a BRF file be edited by the student and then
And would it be possible for the student to then send the file back to me
so I could translate the answers back to print for the instructor?
Thank you all,

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