[BlindMath] Short introduction and Octave question

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You  can run it with the no windows as already stated or you can install
ubuntu as a command line under windows and use all your favorite command
line tools in that.  Including something called the genius calculator that
can do just about anything math related.  Of course octave is easy to
install by doing 

Sudo apt-get install octave

If you have not seen the ubuntu and other linux distro command lines in
windows store you are missing out.  The amount of math tools that can be
easily installed is staggering.

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Dear list members,
I am Bernhard Stoeger, blind mathematician from Austria - not Australia -,
now working as a computer scientist with main interest in math accessibility
for blind individuals. I was already on thist list several years ago, and I
am sure that some of you may know me from events such as ICCHP.

Here a question on Octave: I worked with it some years ago, using version
3.6.4, only in the command line mode. Now a student approaches me, wanting
to use it in the current 5.2.0 version. While his sighted teacher suggested
the GUI version to him, I found that the GUI shipping with Octave from the
GNU distribution is inaccessible - at least in ist default configuration.

Here the question: Is anygbody of you aware of either a possibility to
configure the current GUI towards accessibility, or of an older Octave GUI,
perhaps even one from a third party developer, which might be accessible
with a screen reader?

Thanks a lot for an answer, and kind regards, from

Bernhard Stoeger

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