[BlindMath] College student asking for advice

Katie Leeds leedsliterature at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 20:00:00 UTC 2021

Hello! I hope you’re doing well.

I am a college student who is returning to finish up my degree after
experiencing vision loss.   I was wondering if anyone who has studied or
works with math would be comfortable answering some questions by email
about their personal experience, general advice, and some details on topics
like LaTeX, MathML, MathType, Nemeth vs UEB math, math OCRs, and preferred
methods for working with different formats of accessible math.

I’ve been reading through the blind math archives and taking notes, so I
have a general understanding of the most important topics, but I want to
make sure that when I return to classes I’m doing things in a useful way.

I plan on finishing my math minor as well as a bachelor’s degree in
computer science or software engineering, ideally.   I have been lucky to
learn to use JAWS and a bit of NVDA, and I'm partway through learning
contracted braille. However, I'm still a bit confused in some areas of

My vision loss hit in my late teens and early twenties so while my VR
counselor is supportive, she rarely works with anyone my age and has never
encountered someone who was vision impaired and wanted to pursue math.
Similarly, disability services at different universities I’ve talked with
seem uncertain of how to make math classes accessible.

Because of this, I’ve been really grateful for all of the wonderfully
informative and moral-boosting emails that you’ve been posting on here. I
adore math and I’m excited to keep it in my life.  Thank you so much.

If anyone is comfortable answering some questions, my email is
Leedsliterature at gmail.com

I can also talk on the phone if that is easier for you!

I hope someday to pass on the support so that the next generation can more
easily explore mathematics and technology.


Katie Leeds

Leeds literature at gmail dot com

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