[BlindMath] Grind EQ to Translate LaTeX to Word

Susan Jolly easjolly at ix.netcom.com
Wed Aug 25 18:45:13 UTC 2021

Hello Elizabeth,

I strongly support the recommendation for tex4ht.  This is definitely the
best app for converting LaTeX to HTML and embedded MathML and is worth
learning to use.  Plus it is free and actively maintained.

This is the link to the official information.

This is a link to the user list archives.  Click on "More information" if
you want to go to the sign up so you can post.

BTW, itseems as though you are currently getting LaTeX files from a small
known group.  If so and you find that certain aspects of a file causes
problems, you can ask the author to use a different formulation.

Best wishes,
Susan Jolly

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