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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your input. Is there any specific reason why you consider PDFs a

Thank You,

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Can you ask the prof for the material in the original LaTeX? I'm not a JAWS
user but LaTeX is my preferred medium for Maths-heavy content, pdf is a bit
of a disaster.
nspohn0--- via BlindMath writes:
>Hi All,
>In my Matrices class this semester, the professor creates the quizzes 
>and exams by typing  them in latex and convert to pdf. In previous math 
>courses, I receive my math and science quizzes/exams in a word doc and 
>have everything typed in MathType. I write my work in Latex. Does 
>anyone know if this method my professor is describing is accessible? I 
>have never done math in this way. I am a Jaws user and I would 
>appreciate any tips with navigating and accessing PDFs in this format.
>Thank You,
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