[BlindMath] Science And Engineering Division 2021 Registration And Scholarship Donation

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We are beginning the NFB Science and Engineering division's 2021 registration program.  Below you will find instructions for registering with the division, making a STEM scholarship donation, and joining the division's e-mail list.

NFB Science and Engineering Division Registration

To either become a registered member of the Science and Engineering division, or to renew your membership, go to "http://www.nfb.org/divisiondues". The dues are $5 a year per person.  Please do not make any STEM scholarship donations on this page for the NFB is not yet equipped to separate dues payments from donations on this web page. The Scholarship donation process is below.

STEM Scholarship Donations

The Science and Engineering Division and the Computer Science Division are raising funds for a $3000 or $5000 "Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics" (STEM) scholarship given by the NFB, to a worthy student at the NFB convention. In 2020, we were able to raise $3,000 for this scholarship.

Please consider donating to the NFB towards this scholarship.

To donate:

There are two ways to donate to the NFB STEM Scholarship: one method is online, and the second method is by mail.

If you wish to make an online donation: go to
"https://www.nfb.org/donate". Fill out the required fields.  On the "Contribution Note" field please enter "STEM Scholarship".  Once your donation has been submitted, you will receive an automatic acknowledgment of your donation.  Please forward this donation acknowledgement to John Miller (Johnmillerphd at hotmail.com<mailto:Johnmillerphd at hotmail.com>) so that he can track our progress towards our funding goal.

To donate by mail: Please make a check payable to NFB.
On the memo line write STEM Scholarship.
Mail the check to
NFB accounting/scholarship
200 East Wells St. at Jernigan Place
Baltimore, MD 21230.

Please make your contributions by March 1, 2021 so that your contributions can count towards the 2021 STEM Scholarship.

NFB Science and Engineering E-mail List Subscription Page

The NFBnet.org website contains the Email/Web/FTP service of the National Federation of the Blind (https://www.nfbnet.org/).

The first link on the page is where you go to join or drop NFBnet mailing lists, as well as browse the archives. Clicking that link opens a page containing the NFB e-mail lists.  Search for "NFB-Science" and follow the subscription instructions.

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