[BlindMath] College Student seeking advice on statistics accomodation

Stacie Leap stacie.leap at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 11:52:16 UTC 2021

Hello all:

My name is Stacie Leap. I do apologize if this is not the right list to ask
this question. If it is not, if anyone can tell me where to go for the

I am starting college back up again after 10 years. I dropped out when I
was 21 in my senior year back in 2011. I went blind in 2016 due to someone
beating me until I went blind. Anyways, my question is that: what things do
I need to get for myself or ask from my disability office at college?

I was told by my advisor that I would need to take statistics in order to
graduate. I remember in high school and in my sophomore year in college
using a lot of graphs, charts, and a graphic calculator. However, that was
when I could see. How can I be able to read those things now? Is there a
graphic calculator that is accessible that is similar to a T-83 or T-84? My
advisor told me to talk to my disability office at college because she is
unsure what is needed. I do not know what to ask and I was also told that
some disability resource office just give you the bare minimum of what you
as for. But I do not know what is needed.

I guess I am rambling but if anyone can assist me on this list or off, my
email is stacie.leap at gmail.com and my phone number is 215-776-6741.

Stacie Leap, CPE, CPS, FPS
stacie.leap at gmail.com | 215.776.6741

Board Member, National Federation of the Blind: Keystone Chapter
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Mental Health First Aid Instructor for Adult Modules
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