[BlindMath] LaTex Compiler for Windows 10

Bill Stevens the.inevitable.cat at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 23:17:27 UTC 2022

Hello, I am seeking advice on a screen-reader accessible LaTex
editer/compiler for Windows 10. I need to export to pdf, as I will be
creating multiple music texts for publication.

For similar projects in Windows 7, I used EdSharp, but I have not been
able to get EdSharp compiling laTex documents successfully in Windows
10. (I'd be happy to stay with EdSharp if I could effectively solve
that issue.)

I use both Jaws 2018 and NVDA.

apologies for not consulting BlindMathGems for an answer to this
question - I am getting security warning notifications from multiple
web browsers when I attempt to access that resource.

Thank you so much for your assistance.


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