[BlindMath] What to do for graphs in university courses?

Muhammad Fayed m10fayed at gmail.com
Fri May 27 17:47:20 UTC 2022

Hi all,

Excuse me, but I can’t finish reading about these technologies! Thank you so much for the suggestions. They seam very useful.

Mohamed E. Fayed 

> On 23 May 2022, at 4:47 PM, Louis Maher <ljmaher03 at outlook.com> wrote:
> Hello Mohamed,
> Here are some thoughts about how to handle graphics when you are blind.
> The Sensational Blackboard is a simple way to produce accessible hand drawings for the blind 
> "http://sensationalbooks.com/products.html".
> SAS has sonification tools for graphics 
> ----- 
> Here is information on the SAS Graphics Accelerator
> "https://www.sas.com/accessibility".
> It can take data, including .xlsx formatted data, and turn it into graphics which can be studied using sonification.  As you go to increasing x, a tone rises and lowers depending on the Y-value of the data.
> Here is a seminar on the technology
> "https://support.sas.com/accessibility/webinars/2020-3/index.html".
> The recording for Creating Accessible Maps Using SAS Graphics Accelerator and Google Maps is now available on this page:
> https://support.sas.com/accessibility/webinars/2020-4/index.html
> The project contact is:
> ed.summers at sas.com
> --- 
> There are also Braille embossers that have graphical capabilities
> "https://viewplus.com/".
> Lastly, there is the Graphiti interactive graphics display ($15,000) 
> "https://www.orbitresearch.com/".
> Regards
> Louis Maher
> Phone: 713-444-7838
> E-mail: ljmaher03 at outlook.com
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> Hi,
> Hope my mail finds you well,
> I would like to pursue an MSc in computer science in university either in Europe or Canada. I wonder what options do I have regarding reading papers that have graph and math content. 
> Looking forward to hearing about your experiences.
> Regards,
> Mohamed E. Fayed 
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