[BlindMath] Call for Speakers for A Zoom Conference on How Students Can Do Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Louis Maher ljmaher03 at outlook.com
Fri Oct 7 20:05:42 UTC 2022

The Science and Engineering Division of the National Federation of the Blind and the National Association of Blind Students will present a joint Zoom conference on how blind professionals, and blind college and graduate students are succeeding in courses to do with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The call will occur at 8 PM EST through 9 PM EST on Sunday, February 26, 2022.

Topics will be of interest for blind students in middle school, high school, college and graduate school and professionals. Parents of blind school-aged children and educators are also welcome.  Some portion of the presentation will address how to succeed in a laboratory setting.

If you are interested in giving an approximately fifteen-minute STEM-related talk, please contact Louis Maher (713-444-7838, ljmaher03 at outlook.com<mailto:ljmaher03 at outlook.com>) with your topic.

Thank you.

Louis Maher
Phone: 713-444-7838
E-mail: ljmaher03 at outlook.com<mailto:ljmaher03 at outlook.com>

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