[BlindMath] STEM author access: Online meeting: Thu 1 Dec, 6:30 to 8:30pm BST (UK time)

Jonathan Fine jfine2358 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 19:10:13 UTC 2022


Authoring accessible STEM documents with confidence and independence can be
hard especially if you’re blind and also if you don’t know which tools are
the best ones to use.

On Thursday 1 December, 6:30 t o 8:30pm BST (ie UK) time there'll be a two
hour meeting / workshop / panel discussion on this topic. The main speaker
will be Jonathan Godfrey, who is a senior lecturer in Statistics who is
also blind. He will be sharing his experience. After starting with LaTeX he
now uses the R-statistics package and its markdown tools.

We invite other potential speakers, particularly those with disabilities or
with responsibilities for supporting such persons to contact us. It is
intended that this be the first of several such meetings.

The arxiv.org is a massive online repository of STEM preprints, mostly
authored in LaTeX and generated into PDF upon submission. They are doing
the research and planning work now to be able to offer papers in a more
accessible form. Engaging the author will be one facet of this effort. This
STEM author access meeting and its successors are intended to complement
and provide mutual support for the work of the arxiv team.

If you're interested in this meeting, either as participant or speaker
please do get in touch directly, or by responding to this message on the
list. This meeting also has a web page which will be updated from time to

I have been running the TeX Hour, a weekly video meeting, for two years
now. I used to work as the LaTeX Officer at the Open University in the UK,
with technical responsibility for production of math and upper-level
physics modules. I'm now retired and as a hobby developing the capabilities
and ease of use of the TeX mathematical typesetting system.

with best regards

Jonathan Fine

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