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Rastislav Kish rastislav.kish at protonmail.com
Tue Jul 11 09:29:08 UTC 2023


the way Mathpix' PDF endpoint works is it converts the uploaded file to 
.mmd format i.e. the mathpix markdown, and renders it afterwards to 
docx, html, etc.

There seem unfortunately to be no options to control the conversion now, 
unlike the text endpoint, which can even produce asciimath.

But you should try to contact the support in this regard, as it's 
certainly an accessibility issue.

I think the text endpoint does support converting into MathML, so they 
should already have the tech stack, it should be just a matter of 

Best regards


Dňa 10. 7. 2023 o 23:01 Rich Caloggero via BlindMath napísal(a):
> Using mathpix CLI, when I submit a pdf and attempt to convert it to
> html, I get backa file which has no MathML in it; it appears to use SVG
> images. It also seems to use mathjax, but there are no script elements
> which load mathjax.
> I tried adding one by hand, but didn't seem to do anything.
> Looking at the CLI options, there doesn't seem to be any options to
> choose output format.
> When a colleague used the desktop app to convert, the output did seem to
> contain mathML, and it was indeed readable via NVDA+mathcat.
> What am I missing?
> Interestingly, I can use the webapp to upload and convert a pdf to HTML,
> and if I use the "generate speech" option in the settings, then it does
> seem to produce something which is sort of readable, but it is not
> mathML; it is a bunch of math blocks containing various output flavors,
> but all of them hidden except for svg. The svg container has
> aria-label="words representing the math expression as MathSpeak".
> What am I missing? Am I supposed to hand code mathjax configuration? Why
> doesn't the CLI allow me to choose this at conversion time?
> I must be missing something obvious!
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