[BlindMath] How to deal with Latex source materials

Jonathan Godfrey A.J.Godfrey at massey.ac.nz
Thu Mar 2 06:42:44 UTC 2023

Hello Nam,

Get the staff to convert their documents to HTML and check they are what is required. The staff can do that on their own machines. Get them to use tex4ht.

In addition: There are plenty of great resources for guidance on doing Data Science in HTML. I've seen works in HTML making use of R and Python that have proven quite useful.

I won't go pointing you towards tools unless I know what courses you are doing. I would hope though that the course staff are offering alternative resources to your entire class. 

Data Science is moving very quickly. I struggle with the idea that the staff are using LaTeX documents to prepare their material, but keeping it current this way is their headache not mine. There is a growing emphasis on reproducibility, that can really only be delivered using a markdown oriented workflow.

I've been calling myself a Statistician all the way through my employment. We are teaching as many students who are calling their programme "Data Science" as we have "Statistics" majors nowadays so perhaps I'll modernise my label sometime soon.

Our teaching of Statistics and Data Science is reliant on using practices that we want our students to use. Markdown is the basis of that workflow. The massive improvement in accessibility (mine more than anyone else's) has proven a game changer.


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Dear all,

I am using Jaws and NVDA. I need to read math materials in my Master of Data Science. My lecturers have provided me with  materials in latex source. I can read the source code in Notepad with Jaws or NVDA, however, it takes a lot of time.
Can you please tell me what are the more efficient ways to deal with these latex sources?

Thank you very much,

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