[BlindMath] Just thinking of a simple way to present mathematics on a little on mobile phone

Chengetai Gorowoto chengetaigorowoto at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 19:48:15 UTC 2023

Hello to you all i have been thinking of the simple way of brislington
magnetic to doors will understand what i'm trying to explain a b you lost
your site later after slim way way use to write on a exercise book using a
ball pen i in thinking shouldn't a beer way to present your exercise 1
something is simple as not paid or 8 is just my drill by t20 limited by
what i have said is in if you was never seen or whenever cited from the
beginning but if you also have it ideas or no or face ok at could do
something like that just to say my weekend right how are english i get
baddow ashley it is to the a bit different because mathematics cannot be
there in
Incontinence writing just like english menu thanks to respond to katie
leslie white to hear that you have for me

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