[BlindMath] Learn Latex, Cheat sheets and Quarto

David Engebretson Jr. accessible.engineering at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 12:42:29 UTC 2023

Maybe I jumped on this too quick, or something isn't setup quite right with
your repository.

I went to your GitHub link below, forked the repository, but I can't find
the clone link (it used to be under a button with the accessible name of
"code" on other repositories I've worked on).

Then I tried to click on hyperlinks in your readme file and received 404

What am I doing wrong?


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Some of you have recently spoken with me about learning Latex. Out of this,
I've realised that accessible math cheat sheets are hard to find. Finally,
Jonathan Godfrey recommended https://quarto.org/ to me. Quarto is a
successor to the R-Markdown toolchain that Jonathan uses.

I've set up a small Quarto-based website to explore and develop solutions.
I'd very much appreciate your comments. So far I have four pages:

- First steps in Latex
- Keyboard
- Fractions
- Venn diagrams

My present intention is to focus on providing accessible Latex help, and
cheat sheets to meet the needs of students I can talk with. Feedback from
users is really important to ensure accessibility and other user needs.

Finally, I thank Jonathan Godfrey and the blind math students who have
spoken with me for their valuable help, encouragement and sharing of

You'll find the website at https://texhour.github.io/quarto/

with kind regards

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