[BlindRUG] Switching from Doing with Eyesight to Doing Without

Nicholas J 314nick15 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 01:59:13 UTC 2017


I am legally blind, with enough vision to do things on the computer using
Zoomtext and using a portable cctv to view things from a distance. I have
been relying on this technology to do everything from programming, to
statistical work, to reading, to viewing boards, and surfing the web. I can
still see the same amount, but the inefficiencies in all these techniques
has become apparent. I have been switching over to technologies like Jaws,
Kurzweil, and braille. For r programming, I'm thinking Jaws is the best to
use, but I am not sure how. I've read about the terminal and used it
before. I mainly use Rstudio visually now and saw that many of the features
in it like creating rmarkdown files and such would have to be done
differently in places like the terminal. I've learned that Rstudio is not
very Jaws friendly, but am not at all sure how to use Jaws and r together.
How can you view a whole script of r code at once? In a terminal, doesn't
one run code line by line? How can all line be corrected and run at once
like in Rstudio? How do I code in r just using my hearing and not eyesight?
How do I create such things as an rmarkdown file or a shiny app without
Rstudio? I looked through the threads in this list and found things that
are very helpful, but am not sure how to use them without using my vision.
Any help would very much be appreciated.

Thank you,
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