[BlindRUG] Switching from Doing with Eyesight to Doing Without

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Fri Mar 31 00:32:04 UTC 2017

Dr Godfrey,

Thank you for all your answers. Would it be best to create an rmarkdown
file in a place like notepad and put the .rmd file type? Would I run the
rmarkdown::render() function with the rmd filename in the parenthesis
through the terminal or would I insert it at the end of the rmarkdown file?
Do you have the example code of an rmarkdown file with all the
accessibility features used in the code? I read about all those
accessibility features on the website you sent me. I understand all of
them, but I need to see how they are in the code to fully understand. Is
there a way in rmarkdown to insert an mp4 video file with another file put
on to the video that holds the captions on the video screen? Can a video
also have a tag? From what I read, it said rmarkdown creates the tags for
images by default with the file address. Is this the case with videos?

Thank you,

On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 9:59 PM, Nicholas J <314nick15 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am legally blind, with enough vision to do things on the computer using
> Zoomtext and using a portable cctv to view things from a distance. I have
> been relying on this technology to do everything from programming, to
> statistical work, to reading, to viewing boards, and surfing the web. I can
> still see the same amount, but the inefficiencies in all these techniques
> has become apparent. I have been switching over to technologies like Jaws,
> Kurzweil, and braille. For r programming, I'm thinking Jaws is the best to
> use, but I am not sure how. I've read about the terminal and used it
> before. I mainly use Rstudio visually now and saw that many of the features
> in it like creating rmarkdown files and such would have to be done
> differently in places like the terminal. I've learned that Rstudio is not
> very Jaws friendly, but am not at all sure how to use Jaws and r together.
> How can you view a whole script of r code at once? In a terminal, doesn't
> one run code line by line? How can all line be corrected and run at once
> like in Rstudio? How do I code in r just using my hearing and not eyesight?
> How do I create such things as an rmarkdown file or a shiny app without
> Rstudio? I looked through the threads in this list and found things that
> are very helpful, but am not sure how to use them without using my vision.
> Any help would very much be appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Nicholas
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