[Ccb-alumni] CCB Summer Students/staff This Decade - where are they now?

Hyde, David W. (ESC) david.hyde at wcbvi.k12.wi.us
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I was a staff member in the full-time program, but always enjoyed having the younger students over to my house for barbecue and just fun of an evening. My favorite group (I do not remember the year) was with Eddie Kulp as the counselor, and a bunch of students. My wife Nancy always had water guns around, and a goodly number of the students took advantage of the fact. I remember two rules,
Don't shoot the dogs, and don's shoot the cook
Since Eddie didn't qualify as either of these, he caught the bus rather damp. What mad the whole thing enjoyable was exposing a couple of students to the joy of using sound targets, and being able to surprise someone by sneaking up on them. I think Eddie enjoyed it as much as I did. 

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Hi all,
  I just kind of got to thinking.. have any of you on this list ever served as members of the summer program as students or staff or both?
 If so... When?   and as either staff or student? and what might be
your favorite memory from your time?
 I think my favorite memory as a student had to be  the water fight we hadin 2001,  We had quite a few students who stayed back in the apartments  who were not  going out  that friday night and I remember that we went  about the apartments nailing  people who  were in the program and deciding to stay home and not be a part of the  fun with water.
  The fight was the one thing that  truley lifted my spirits and made the summer seem like I actually could gain something, that I was not being sent  off to summer school and learning things that I thought were not useful to me.
 Darian Smith  summer 01/02
 summer staff 08

 I was a student in 01/02 and was staff in 08

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