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Hi Mario,



Yes, the paratransit is good here. However, they encourage independent
travel as much as possible.

As to  bus travel. There are a couple of routes  that start around 6 in the
morning and  run until 11-12 at night. With 15 and 20 minute schedules.

  Weekends  have shorter hours.

 If you would want to contact the transit system to ask your own questions,
our transit information phone number is: 360.695.0123.



There is a 32 route that has a decent schedule (half hour service during the
weekdays) starts early in the morning and goes until about 9 PM.

However Sunday schedule is 55 minutes and terminates around 7 or 8 at night.


The 4th plain bus covers an area that has many apartment complexes and has
good connections to Portland, Oregon.

What I would call the better apartment complexes would be covered by the 37
and 32 routes.

I would not consider living North of what we call the 99 transit center.
Because the bus schedule is weak.


When talking about Vancouver and different areas, you will hear the names

Cascade Park, Hazel Dell, 4th Plain Corridor,

Mccloughlin Heights, Fishers landing, west Vancouver.


If you could afford to purchase a home now is the best time with the low
interest rates and the depress values of houses.

I just refinanced my house at 4.3 Percent.


What might be your time frame for your move to Vancouver?


There are several of us here who have lived in Vancouver for at least 20
years or more and would be willing to assit you getting to know the area and
for information about Vancouver.


Best regards,

Bob Sellers


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Hello fellow NFB of Vancouver,


My name is Mario and I am considering moving to Vancouver, Washington.
However, in order to make this big decision I have several questions that I
hope you can help me out with.


1.  Is there a local paratransit system there?  If not, how can one best be
an independent traveler?  For example, going to the grocery store, going to
the local NFB meetings, etc.


2.  If we decide to make the move.  How is the price of housing?  For
starters, a two bedroom home or apartment?  We would be moving from
Louisville, Kentucky.  Could one live on making $50,000 a year confortably?


3.  Are there Christian private schools there?


4.  In which area of Vancouver would you recommend a family of four to make
their first home?


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.




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