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I was just using what Beth sent me sorry I did not check the accuracy on
that one either. Lesson learned.


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Correction on the Treasury Report.  The balance at the end of October was
Connie Utterback
Arthur D. Curtis
Children's Justice Center
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Presidential report
Treasury $1053
Minutes read and adjusted
"graham 5, meeting was at Bills Chicken & Steakhouse @ 1030/lunch 12"
Raffle tickets were handed out
Mike talked about state convention:
was going to be in the Heritage C meeting room at the Downtown Hilton /
Heritage room D was where the banquet dinners were held.
Bob: talked about Selling first aid kits @ convention
Connie read contents of first aid kits, pet/sport/home
Bob: Ovations, the attendance was low @ the summer events, but we made
$1000? when we were done.
Kay: talked about Mentors suggestion: q & a /discussion
Bob: Lunchon agenda
Don: Invited to wssb open house thur 10/21 / don will be there 6-830p
Don: asked Chapter to buy braille paper 2 boxes, the motion was  made and
Discussion of wssb talking about nfb & acb
Bob; talked about making videos about blindness for public access TV.
We agreed to Send a sympathy card for Doug Johnson.
we decided Christmas party - meeting/party would be held 12/11, @ LaCosta
restaurant - , 11a.
Adjourned 1155a 


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