[Cccnfbw] results from Saturday's meeting the primary purpose of discussing the time and place of future meetings, it was moved ved and seconded to adjourn the meeting

Betty Watson mamamacbear at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 05:01:22 UTC 2015

Here  is an outline of what occurred at Saturday's meeting. Unfortunately my
recorder did not work and so we have no official recording of the meeting.
After introductions there was a discussion of our meeting time and place. A
motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to hold future meetings on
the fourth Saturday   of each month at 10 (ten) am beginning next month in
October. A second motion was made, seconded and passed to continue to   hold
meetings in the teachers' lounge at WSSB (Washington State School for the
Blind).  A membership committee was also formed consisting of Mario Eiland
chair, Les Fitzpatric and Vince Ricks. Since this was a special meeting, it
was   moved to adjourn. 


Respectfully submitted, 

Elizabeth (Betty) Watson, President 

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