[CCCNFBW] Annual Planning Meeting Recap

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Sun May 13 04:45:39 UTC 2018

Below is a summary of our annual planning meeting:


2017 Goals Recap


We accomplished 2 out of our 3 goals for 2017.  We completed 4 events at
WSSB for outreach.  We almost doubled our fundraising goal of $5,000 by
raising almost $10,000.  We did not meet our goal of bringing in 10 new
chapter members.


2018 Annual Planning Meeting Priorities


New fundraising Goal $6,000 and 10 new chapter members.


Our 2018 annual planning meeting focused on outreach and building our
chapter for the upcoming year.


Here is a list of the outreach events we have marked a priority:


Quarterly senior center outreach

Quarterly WSSB events (ice cream social, bowling, career fair and talent

Goalball Tournament

Demonstrate NFB Newsline

White Cane/Louis Braille Celbration

Participate in Parade in May 2019


Here are our legislation/Transportation Priorities:


Close sub-minimum wage loopholes in Vancouver

Invite C-tran to meeting

Develop relationships within the city/county structure

Develop relationship with local businesses

Work with local house rep to co-sponsor our national legislation


Fundraising Priorities:


Wine and Cheese

Craft Beer event

Holiday Technology Raffle

Portland International Raceway

Gee Creek


For any questions, please contact President Grandstaff.


Matthew Hines

NFB of Clark County Chapter - Secretary


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