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NEWSWIRE: MONDAY September 8, 2014
TEK TALK PRESENTS "The KNFB Reader iPhone App: Fast, Accurate, and easy to
Presented by: James Gashel, vice president of business development, K-NFB
Reading Technology, Inc., Waltham, Massachusetts
For further information contact: James Gashel jim at knfbreader.com
Website: http://knfbreader.com/
The wait is finally over. The highly anticipated KNFB Reader iOS app that
provides access to print text on the go, was presented at the 74th Annual
Convention of the National Federation of the Blind to enthusiastic cheers
and applause. Major benefits include:
.        Fast--With the touch of a single button, read virtually any type of
printed text, including mail, receipts, class handouts, memos and many other
.        Accurate--Accuracy is facilitated by a field of view report,
automatic page detection, and tilt control.

.        Efficient--Proprietary document analysis technology determines the
words and reads them aloud to the user with high quality text-to-speech.
Features--Several features make the KNFB Reader an excellent choice for
capturing and reading documents on the go wherever you are.
.        Reading Modes--Reading modes for single column and multicolumn
.        Synchronized Highlighting--Synchronized text highlighting with
Braille and high quality speech output.
.        Text Navigation--Text navigation by line, sentence, word and
.        Viewfinder & Tilt Assist--Viewfinder for live field of view. Tilt
guidance and report to assist with aligning the camera relative to the
.        Automated--Automatic text detection to enable hands-free operation
or touch-free operation.
.        Import and Export Documents--Ability to import, OCR and read image
based PDF and JPG. Export HTML and TXT files to cloud storage including
Dropbox and Google Drive.
.        Read Multi-Page Documents--Capture and read documents, brochures,
pamphlets, and books.

.        Multi-Language Support--The KNFB Reader can recognize and read
printed materials in a variety of languages including: English, French,
German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Danish,
Finnish. The user-interface and documentation is currently available in
English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian and
About K-NFB Reading Technology, Inc.
Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, K-NFB Reading Technology, Inc. is a joint
venture between Kurzweil Technologies, founded by Ray Kurzweil, a forty-year
innovator and pioneer in assistive technologies and the inventor of the
first print-to-speech reading machine for the blind; and the National
Federation of the Blind, the largest, most influential membership
organization of blind people in the United States. The company is known
worldwide having launched the world's first hand-held text to speech reader
in 2006 followed in 2008 by release of the world's first reading
technology-the popular knfbReader Mobile software running on a cell phone.
The company's latest product, the KNFB Reader iPhone app will be released in
late summer 2014 and made available for purchase and download from Apple's
App Stores throughout the world.  
Presenter: James Gashel Vice President of Development,
E-Mail: jim at knfbreader.com
Date: Monday September 8, 2014
Time:  5:00 p.m. Pacific, 6:00 p.m. Mountain, 7:00 p.m. Central, 8:00 p.m.
Eastern and elsewhere in the world Tuesday 12:00 GMT. 
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