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So, unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you know that
Apple released iOS 8 today. Thanks to Twitter, I've come across the
following links which may prove helpful to you and/or your students,
friends, etc. The first three are specific to blind and low vision users and
the fourth is one written for the general populous. With regard to Braille:
It seems that there are some significant improvements to the interactions of
iDevices and refreshable Braille displays. Regrettably, these may be
tempered by slower Braille input-which is indeed something we can only hope
Apple will fix in a subsequent release.


Happy updating!



What's New in Accessibility for Blind, Low Vision, and Deaf-Blind Users |
National Federation of the Blind


Braille Moves Forward in iOS 8 | National Federation of the Blind



The Accessibility Bugs in iOS 8: From Serious To Minor | AppleVis


The best iOS 8 features you may not know about | The Verge



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