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Hello all,


It is time to write letters concerning our e-scooter bill.  SB 805 requires
ridesharing companies who rent e-scooters to provide tactile identification
for blind persons on each scooter.  The bill also requires companies to
create and maintain accessible websites and apps.  The blind should have the
same information that the rest of the public has and should be able to
communicate with the appropriate company.  These scooters are dockless and
operators leave them anywhere,  frequently blocking building entrances, bus
stops, sidewalks, etc.  


Remember, if you email the senators the email addresses are
firstname.lastname at senate.state.md.us
<mailto:firstname.lastname at senate.state.md.us> .  If you wish to mail a
letter, the address is 11 Bladen Street, Annapolis, MD 21401.  I will
provide the room number and building next to the person's name below.


Everyone should write to Senator Delores Kelley, Chairman, Finance
Committee, Room 3E Miller.


If you live in Anne Arundel County, write to senators:

Pamela Beidle, Room 202 James

Edward Reilly, Room 316 James


If you live in Baltimore City, write to senator:

              Antonio Hayes, Room 222 James 


If you live in Baltimore County, write to senators:

              J.B. Jennings, Room 423 James.  Note:  His email address is
jb.jennings at senate.state.md.us

              Katherine Klausmeier, Room 123 James 


If you live in Montgomery County, write to senators:

              Brian Feldman, Room 104 James 
              Ben Kramer, Room 401 Miller 


If you live in Prince George's County, write to senators:

              Malcolm Augustine, Room 3E Miller

              Joanne Benson, Room 214 James


Thanks for your help.


Sharon Maneki, Director of Legislation and Advocacy

National Federation of the Blind of Maryland



The National Federation of the Blind of Maryland knows that blindness is not
the characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the
expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles
between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want;
blindness is not what holds you back.


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