[Cinci-nfb] White Cane Event on Oct. 2 an conversation with Deborah Kendrick

Christopher Sabine, ONH Consulting info at onhconsulting.com
Sun Aug 27 23:38:54 UTC 2017

Hello all.


I ended up having a fairly extensive conversation with Deborah Kendrick last
night after the Chapter meeting. She gave her go-ahead to have the White
Cane event on Oct 2 After I explained that the earlier date was the only
time we could reserve Fountain Square. She will also be emailing us about
the Gavel awards shortly; she is aware that they are due to the State
Affiliate by Oct. 1.


I'm going to go way out on a limb by saying this, but Deborah confided in me
that very few members have been in communication with her regarding Chapter
activities. Remember that she is the currently elected President of the
Cincinnati Chapter. Though she has been out of state for various reasons,
this doesn't mean she is in communicato or unable to make leadership
decisions. This includes all relevant committee proposals that would go
before the Chapter, in my opinion. 


I will let Deborah respond to any specific questions about her ability to
participate in Chapter meetings. I also realize that reaching out to her
sometimes involves some real persistence and ingenuity at times. However,
she is still able to connect with Chapter members when and in the form that
she can and is disappointed that so few members have been in contact with
her directly. 


If we could appoint a specific contact person to reach out to Deborah with
Chapter information  and to make final approval for motions (i.e. me as
Chapter secretary, Lisa as Vice President, Judy, etc.), I think this would
be appropriate and considerate. I realize I've been remiss at not discussing
this earlier, but I think this is something that needs to be said. I at
least think all committee chairs should be in contact with Deborah before
discussing an item that the Chapter as a whole needs to consider-until
Deborah can attend meetings. I will let Deborah answer any questions about
when this might be.


I thank all of you in advance for reading this email and also feel free to
shoot me down if you have any concerns or disagree with this message.


Very Best Regards,



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