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Hello all.


Below are Suzanne's notes from our Affiliate Zoom call last night concerning
National Convention. Please read.






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Subject: Suzanne Convention Notes


Dates and location of Convention

July 6th thru July 10th

Any and everywhere

Hosting Affiliate is Maryland

Agenda is available in June


Activities are as follows

Tuesday, July 6:  

Seminars & Specialized Meetings

Wednesday, July 7:  

Board Meeting & Resolutions

Thursday, July 8:  

Division Meetings & Opening Ceremony

Friday, July 9:  

Presidential Report & General Session Saturday,

July 10:  

Business Session & Banquet


Rookie Roundup meeting scheduled for 

Tuesday, June 29 at 8:30 p.m. ET


Registration is now open and free

May 31st final registration and,

provide a valid telephone number to be used for voting will be eligible to
participate in votes during the business meetings of the convention.

If you have questions about the voting process, please send an email to
<mailto:votingsupport at nfb.org> votingsupport at nfb.org


registration is at:

 <http://www.NFB.org/registration> http://www.NFB.org/registration


All paper registration forms can be sent to:

conventionregistration at nfb.org <mailto:conventionregistration at nfb.org> 




Door prizes are now being received.

Cash donations make great prizes and are easy to distribute. 

Please make your checks payable to 

National Federation of the Blind and write 

"Door Prizes" in the memo. 

You should mail the check to 

National Federation of the Blind, 

200 East Wells Street, 

Baltimore, MD 21230, 

Attention: Fiscal Services - DP. 

You can also send an email to 

 <mailto:prize at nfb.org> prize at nfb.org 


Crowd Compass platform will assist with organizing meetings and attending
the Exhibit Hall




Giving 20

Every 20 dollars 

you pay will get you a chance to win prizes

Media post, 

hash-tag NFB21

Every Social media post that you make, 

you will get an extra chance to win prizes. 

 Twitter, Instagram and Facebook




Create a group banquet face-to-face or by zoom

Create a party that people can attend together




Giving 20

Every 20 dollars you pay will get you a chance to win prizes

Every Social media post that you make, as a donate to the campaign, you will
get an extra chance to win the prizes. 

 Twitter, Instagram and Facebook




The Kenneth Jernigan Committee understands 

that thinking about your first convention 

might be daunting, or perhaps there 

might be many gaps in what you think you should expect, but we are here for
you. As President Riccobono announced at the May Presidential Release Live, 

we are launching the 2021 Convention Concierge Service for first time
convention attendees. 

Connect with someone who can help break the ice, 

tap into our network, 

and answer your questions about all things "national convention."

E-mail  <https://nfb.org/civicrm/mailing/url?u=21370&qid=5465473>
rookie at nfb.org 

or drop us a voicemail at 


extension 2020 

by June 15 

to let us know that you are interested.

Please include your 


preferred telephone number, 

what state you are joining us from, 

and a few things that you want us to know 

when matching you with mentors

life goals, 

if you are a guide dog user, 

perhaps a parent of a blind child, 

if you are a student, 

what are your hobbies, 

the types of individuals you would like to meet, 



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