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While I understand your concerns on how we may have been perceived by the
director, I would encourage you to look at how ignorant in general this
person is about our organization specifically and blindness in general.  .
If he can speak in a widely publicized interview so incorrectly about all we
do, than it wouldn't surprise me if he would characterize us out of a lack
of understanding around our organization and why we are concerned.  I read a
post recently by a blind person who works in Hollywood.  He cashed in every
favor he could to speak to people who had control over the movie.  All of
them basically ignored his concerns.  Everyone is of the opinion that this
movie is about human nature and not real, physical blindness.  The irony is
that we all know that this was the intent of the author and director.  The
problem is not our understanding of the movie, the problem is the lack of
understanding of a sighted public who usually has the slimmest knowledge of
blindness.  Usually, all people know about blindness is (surprise, surprise)
what they get in books and the media.  
Sadly, I feel that regarding this particular issue, we will go round and
round on this one.  At the end of the day, the director has had his say and
we have had ours.  We know blindness because we live it every day.  All we
can do is what we do every day; spread the positive philosophy that we have
anywhere we can.  It's late and bed is calling.  I hope that we will all use
the Colorado talk list more for discussions such as these.  Thanks Ryan for
responding and thanks Arielle for posting the message.  Chris Foster 
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The director characterized our organization as, "bossy." I'm interested in
what kind of a dialogue we had with him as far as the script went. Did we
ask for script approval and revision privileges? If so, he may have a point
as that might be a high-handed approach for us to take.


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