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CCB April Newsletter
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April Newsletter

Take charge with confidence and self-reliance

Message from the Director 

We truly want to believe that "April showers bring May flowers" as we have had a lot of showers and even snow this month.  Our students are resilient travelling in any type of weather.   Just the other day we were all working hard and then the fire alarm went off.  As we left the building, we realized that there was a torrential storm.  After standing outside for twenty minutes we were allowed back into the building.  We all felt as if we had just taken a very cold shower.  Everyone came to the rescue with towels and some dry clothing.  After drying off, Ben, our graduating student, served his meal and it was delicious.

At the center anything can happen at any time!  Even a typical day may turn out to be an adventure.  Our students learn to be flexible and to deal with all situations as they come up.  This is one of the most important lessons that we teach as life is all about change and challenge.

Program Notes

Driving that Car 

On April 7th our Independence Training students, along with several high school students, had an opportunity that they will not soon forget.  Everyone participated in a driving class at Master Drive and then hopped in cars to test out their newly developed skills.  Elizabeth, who is over fifty and has always been blind, was so ecstatic that she phoned her family.  Students not only drove around an obstacle course, but they learned how to recover from a skid.  Thank you to the staff at MasterDrive for making this event a success.  

Independence Training Program 

This month four students graduated.  Garrick will go back to Georgia to resume his position as the Youth Services Coordinator.  Erin plans to either join the Peace Corps or attend graduate school.  Christiana has returned to Arizona to be with her very happy husband and kids where she will find employment.  Ben will return to Arizona in order to find work as an interpreter.  We celebrate our graduates' accomplishments and know that they will be successful.

Senior Program 

In May, six seniors from around the state of Colorado will participate in our "Seniors in Charge" Program.   They will be with us for a week.  In the next issue we will highlight this program.  Nine students are currently receiving training in the area of assistive technology.  This month several seniors made Sheppard's pie that was delicious and enjoyed by everyone.

Senior support groups are available each month.  For more information please call Duncan Larsen at 303-778-1130 extension 226.

Upcoming Events:

May:  Discount tickets to Elitch Gardens - for just $19.99 you will receive a full day of unlimited rides any day in May, $2 food voucher, $15 September return ticket, or upgrade to a season pass for an additional $29.99.  Help us raise money and purchase your tickets today.  Contact Jennifer Stevens (303) 778-1130 x214

May 24-28:  "Seniors in Charge"-seniors learn Braille, how to cook, use a cane and all skills of blindness in a five day residential program.

June 7-18:  Elementary School Summer Program

June 24:  Get ready to tee off for the Colorado Center for the Blind benefit golf tournament to support our children's programs.  We are looking for golfers to join us on June 24th at Saddle Rock Golf Course.  Contact Jennifer Stevens (303) 778-1130 x214

August 28:  Save the date for a Wild West Murder Mystery - Join us Saturday, August 28, 2010.  Help us now . we are looking for corporate sponsors, auction items, food venders, and ticket sales.  Contact Jennifer Stevens (303) 778-1130x214

To refer someone who is interested in training, please call Robert Dyson at 303-778-1130 extension 249.

If you have items for the newsletter, please send them to ccb at cocenter.org.

Carol Elzi
Administrative Coordinator
Colorado Center for the Blind
303-778-1130 ext 211
303-778-1598 FAX

Take charge with confidence and self-reliance

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